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Here at E-Motion Fitness we feel that mental health should be taken just as serious as physical health on this journey of wellness.  Anxiety derives from fear of the future and depression derives from regret of the past, which are both mental constructs that lie on the continuum of time.  Well, have you ever became so engaged in a practice that you lost track of time?  In those moments, you are free from mental qualms because your attention is in the present moment.  If you were to engage in practices such as these on a regular basis, your overall peace of mind would drastically increase and you would gain a significant amount of control over the way you react.

Meditation by the Sea


With the exception of maintaining an adequate amount of sleep each night, the type of rest we value also includes any activity that promotes the mental stillness described here.  A quiet mind is powerful because intrusive thoughts steal a considerable amount of the energy required to focus on your goals and formulate new ideas to maintain progression. A study by Aftanas and Golosheykin (2005) discovered that long-term meditators were more resilient to stressful stimuli from challenging situations.  So whether its 10 minutes of meditation a day, dancing, writing, arts and crafts, yoga, etc., we can help you explore new ways to balance your rest and work ethic! 

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