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We're giving you the whole body experience. Now you can get something for your mind, body and sprint. 

With Accountability training build into your regime, you not only have someone to hold you accountable, but you will receive  home cooked meal by Huntsville's HHK Chef Smith. 

You will also receive PURE Mountain  Water from Callirrhoe's Underground spring you quench your thirst when you're finished! 



Meet Saquier "Quya Lenette" Johnson

Wife and mother of four. She worked in the banking industry for ten years before becoming an entrepreneur. Saquier became an entrepreneur because she wanted to gain control over her time and be more active in her home . The time and flexibility allows her the option to homeschool her children and practice a holistic lifestyle.


Her and her husband have been plant based ( vegetarian/vegan) for 5 years and really take physical, spiritual and mental health seriously . It’s their passion to help bring healing to others mind, body and spirit. 


 She is also a vegan cook and loves to cook for others . She transfers so much passion, love and healing energy into the food she prepares. What started out as cooking plant-based and vegan food for visiting family and friends has turned into a small business preparing meals for those in Decatur, Athens, Florence and other surrounding areas. It is her passion to serve others with clean ,tasty vegan meals and teas.  Her menu has a variety of  transition vegan options. She is also willing to make custom meals to fit your vegan or plant-based  dietary needs.


You can contact her at ThesometimeNvegan

Or you can inbox her via Facebook @ SaquierLenette

Heaven's Healthy Kitchen is a grass-roots business. Catering vegan & plant-based gourmet foods.

What started off as a weight-loss challenge turned into a business. Founded in 2013 after a successful weight-loss journey...


Meet Chef Smith

Owner and Chef is Emmanuel Smith ServSafe Certified Food Safety Manager with a degree in Business Communications.


About Callirrhoe

Callirrhoe is a brand of water that has been completely untouched by humans. It still has all of the minerals from its source and has been purified by the native limestone from where it was harvested. It originates from an underground spring in Elkmont, AL. 

Meet Dontinai 

She's an artist, herbalist and serial entrepreneur. She spends all of her free time healing others through herbs, water and love. 

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